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CRICUT 卷裝物料支架

CRICUT 卷裝物料支架

庫存單位: 2009039

- 保持卷裝物料齊整及準確裁切

- 內置裁紙器以保持物料邊緣直線

- 合適所有Cricut Smart物料 (3-22.8m)

- 適用於Cricut Explore® 3 及Cricut Maker® 3

1 - 2 weeks

    Keep your Cricut Smart Materials™ organized and aligned for clean, precise cuts. Cricut Roll Holder features a unique design to secure and guide your material into your Cricut cutting machine for cutting projects without a mat — just load & go. With a deep basin to hold Cricut Smart Material rolls from 4–75 ft (3–22.8 m), this accessory attaches to your machine in seconds and includes a built-in trimmer, ensuring a straight edge from start to finish — no more material bunching! For use with Cricut Explore 3 and Cricut Maker 3.

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