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Electrostatic Mat - 12 x 12 (White)

Electrostatic Mat - 12 x 12 (White)

HK$1,000.00 一般價格



The Electrostatic Mat attachment for the Cameo 5 makes loading and unloading materials cleaner and easier than ever before. It gives firmer holds to your delicate materials* without damaging them while removing them from the mat.


The Electrostatic Mat has an electrically conductive network that builds up static electricity to hold materials in place during cutting. Because the material can be held without an adhesive mat, it is now possible to cut materials without damaging them upon removal. Additionally, when unloading the cut project, there is no tearing or curling, and clean-up is a breeze. 


*The Electrostatic Mat works best with smooth, non-permeable materials. Materials with a heavy texture will not work with the Electrostatic Mat.


*Only compatible with the Cameo 5 models


Mat ColorWhite

Compatible with:

  • Cameo 5
  • Cameo 5 Plus
  • Whatsapp
  • wh491wad6-whatsapp-icon-logo-whatsapp-icon-whatsapp-logo-call-logo-instagram-logo-new-2
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