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Jesmonite AC730 Flexiguard Sealer

Jesmonite AC730 Flexiguard Sealer


Flexiguard Sealer is a solvent-free, stain-resistant formula designed specifically for coating porous substrates like Jesmonite AC730 and AC830. A protective layer less than 100 nm thick bonds with the inner pores of the substrate after application, leaving a smooth, stain-resistant, non-discoloring surface layer.

The coating is optically clear, UV stable, chemically inert, and extremely durable, as well as being hydrophobic and oleophobic. It will not peel or flake and is unaffected by temperature extremes ranging from -20°C to +350°C. Flexiguard provides resistance to efflorescence, embedded and ingrained soiling, mould or fungal growth, abrasion, and frost damage. It also protects against chemical attack, such as acid rainwater corrosion, salt corrosion, and other climatic coastal and marine conditions.

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