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Jesmonite Decorative Paint Kit

Jesmonite Decorative Paint Kit


Jesmonite Decorative Paints are Sol-silicate based paint systems for use on all Jesmonite surfaces to provide a colour wash, solid or semi-transparent finish. Offering water resistance, vapour permeability and forming a chemical crystalline bond with the substrate.

These specialist mineral-based paints are to use on all types of Jesmonite from AC100 to AC830 and anything in between - or for covering walls and other surfaces too!

  • UV-stable and lightfast
  • Highly weather resistant
  • Water repellent
  • Sol-silicate based (kinder to the environment)


Field of Applications

Jesmonite Decorative Paints can be applied neat or with the Jesmonite Dilution & Priming Agent to create varied finishes including adjustment of translucency for both interior and exterior use.


Mix Ratio

Best Results on AC100

Metallic Paint Base Colour - 1 part by weight

Dilution Agent - 1 part by weight

Other Applications

Metallic Paint Base Colour - 1 part by weight

Dilution Agent - 3 parts by weight

Metallic Paint Base Colour - 1 part by weight

Dilution Agent - 2 parts by weight


This Kit includes:

• 1 x Golden Honey 30ml | A prestigious warm lustrous colour, resembling the hue of the precious metal itself.

• 1 x Burnt Orange 30ml | Copper tones with a light sheen to offset the darker bronze fleck.

• 1 x Lava Red 30ml  | Deep rich reds with a metallic finish adding further depth and intensity.

• 1 x Midnight Silver 30ml  | Cool silver tones, replicating the hue of authentic metallic silver.

• 4 x Dilution Agent 30ml  | To be used to dilute all shades proportionately.



Approximately 12 months of opening, if kept cool but frost free in tightly closed/resealed containers.

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