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Jesmonite Quadaxial Fabric Glass Reinforcement

Jesmonite Quadaxial Fabric Glass Reinforcement


For external projects, quadaxial fabric is a glass reinforcement that can be used with Jesmonite AC100, AC300, or AC730.

The fabric's open design makes it simple to wet out. It can be used to make light but strong mouldings, panels, sculptures, and other items that are also fire resistant.

Jesmonite Alkali Resistant Glass is stitched multi-axial glass reinforcement designed for use with all Jesmonite water based materials including AC100, AC300, and AC730. The product is used in combination with Jesmonite to create strong, lightweight, hand lay-up laminates.

Quadaxial Glass is made from Owens Corning® Cem-FIL® Alkali Resistant fibre. This material is backed by 40 years in service use worldwide, and has proven durability and performance. The product is manufactured under ISO 9001, and laminates made using AC730 conform to BS/EN 1170, which is the international standard for GRC products. 

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