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Washi Sheets, Gold Foil Classic

Washi Sheets, Gold Foil Classic

庫存單位: 2003345
  • 5 sheets 12 in. X 12 in. Washi material in gold foil classic Designs
  • Low-tack, semi-opaque adhesive ideal for layering with paper and other washi products
  • Use with all Cricut electronic cutting machines

    The semi-opaque Cricut wash I sheets in gold foil classic are the perfect print adhesive-easy-to-use, full-size, and fabulous! be bold with these square-foot sheets-add glamour to photo frames, media covers, layered paper adornments and embellishments, and more. No more skimpy decorating with thin tape-this irresistible metallic wash I is wide and wonderful. The gold foil classic set features versatile gold and white designs for both playful and sophisticated decor. Use with all Cricut cutting machines.

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